Startek FM220U Optical USB Reader

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Product Overview

Startek FM220U

FM220 is a compact CMOS-based optical reader designed specially to provide high level biometric security for identity authentication applications. FM220 maintains the highest standards and has received both FBI-PIV and STQC certifications. Supported by Startek comprehensive SDK with Startek’s high performance patented proprietary algorithms of MINEX Certified Template generator and matcher solution, FM220 offers great hardware and software compatibility makes it an ideal platform for developers.


  • FBI PIV/FIPS 201 Certificated
  • STQC Certified (UIDAI Aadhaar)
  • Supported by Startek SDK with NIST certified interoperable image and template format standards (ANSI-378/ISO 19794-2, ISO 19794-4)
  • Patented high performance fingerprint algorithm
  • FIPS 201 certified template extractor and matcher
  • Rugged design resistant to vibration and electrostatic shock
  • USB 2.0 high speed interface  
  • Non-distorted image quality (less than 1%)
  • High precise 500dpi/256 gray
  • Fingerprint image quality determination and image enhancement
  • Supported with Startek SDK for easy software development


• Verification for Welfare Distribution (financial empowerment for below poverty level or rural poor) 
• Retail or Banking POS
• Workforce/School attendance and welfare management
• Internet Service Provider (ISP) Logon and Logical access control
• Foreign labor management
• E-shopping/procurement/clinic
• E-banking
• E-workflow/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 
• Voting Verification
• Club member verification         


(No reviews yet) Write a Review